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Eye Beauty                                                                                                         $45*

(Eye Make-Up Only)

Makeover                                                                                                            $75*

(Free Full Face Makeover with purchase of 5 items)

VIP Makeover                                                                                                    $95*

(For Weddings, Photo Shoots, Night On The Town)

Cleansing Makeover                                                                                          $85*

(Using the Skin Care Regiment of your choice)

Prom Makeover/Sweet 16                                                                                $65*


*(Prices are subject to change based upon products and techniques used. Makeovers do not include free eye lashes or eye brows)



Make Up Services

Our Experts Specialize In: Professional Makeovers for all occasions and events.

Makeup was not created to make you beautiful. It was made to enhance your inner beauty.


Eyebrows & Eyelashes


Eyebrow Sculpting & Filling                                                                             $15

Chin & Upper Lip                                                                                               $5

EyeBrow Threading/Shaping                                                                           $12

Strip Lash                                                                                                               $25

Quick Lash                                                                                                            $25

Individual Lashes                                                                                                 $40

Sculpt Tinted Eyebrow                                                                                      $35

Also Try Our SkinCare Regimen

Interskin Beauty Cosmetics and Skincare provides skincare products for all skin types. The skincare works well for all races and skn colorations.


Skincare products are best sold as a system rather than as individual products and should be introduced to the customer as a system. This does not mean that if a customer can only afford to buy a single item that this sytem is not sutible for them.  What it may mean is that they may not see the full effects of using the product as quick as they might desire. 


The various skincare systems are designed around the basic skin types:

-Oily Skin (Problematic, Excessively Oily)

-Combination Skin (Combination Oily, Combination Dry to Normal)

-Dry Skin (Dehydrated Skin)

-Sensitive Skin


Basic Skincare Regimen


The basic, daily skincare regimen is:


1. Cleanse

2. Tone

3. Moisturize


The one aspect of daily skincare we may not be familiar with is toning. The toner restores the skin to its normal balance or ph balance which is normaly upset by cleaning. The toner also prepares skin for the moisturizer. When we cleanse, we get rid of things which are bad and some of the good things, toning or conditioning helps to restore some of the good we eliminated.

Important: All skin types need to moisturize effectively. Even oily skin needs to moisturize. Moisture relates to water.

These are the basics. Every other product falls under the heading of treatments. They treat specific skin problems like ageing, acne, open pores, bags under the eye etc.



Prices are subject to change*

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