Who We Are

  Interskin Beauty Cosmetics is a company that truly understands that beauty is everywhere and in everything. The majority of makeup companies normally focus on just the makeup part of the equation. Interskin Beauty understands that Skin Care is just as important to a persons overall beauty. 


   The main idea behind the credo of Interskin Beauty is summed up in one line. It says "Let Interskin Beauty help you show the world the real you". This is so important in what we do. We stand behind our products and we understand that beauty doesn't make someone only look beautiful, it allows them to feel beautiful. That is the goal of our company. Come see for yourself the magic that Interskin Beauty can create.


  Interskin Beauty was established in 2007 from the mind and heart of C.Bredy. It orginated in a small counter in Kings Plaza Mall in Brooklyn New York. She has had over 13 years of experience in the art of makeup and grew tired of the status quo when it came to other companies mission statements. She decided to start a company that focused more on the experience and how makeup makes you feel. 


  One of the main goals of Interskin Beauty is to make everyone of their clients feel they can embrace their own beauty. Interskin Beauty is a company that was established for all ethnicities. The company is truly invested in the idea of teaching and educating customers on the techniques of beauty and skin care. This makes shopping with Interskin Beauty a learning experience and will turn customers into their own personal makeup artits.



C. Bredy

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